In the News

Winter 2022

Nonprofit approval is official! We are looking forward to the extended opportunities the non-profit organization status will provide! We will be able to meet a wide range of math education needs in the Milford, CT community...

Math Exercises

Spring 2022

We are super excited to KICK OFF our 3rd annual Sidewalk Math Challenge with a Milford School Wide Math Challenge! Room 17 and Milford Public Schools are working together to create a FUN and CHALLENGING opportunity...


Milford-Orange Times Feb 2022

The organization, run by elementary mathematics professor Monica Cavender and elementary mathematics coach and part-time mathematics professor Sara Kaminski, offers...


CT Post Feb 2022

As a new nonprofit math teaching service, Room 17 places emphasis on wanting students to think about math throughout the day and dispel the myth that math only happens during school. Now, the group has gotten a boost from receiving its official nonprofit tax status...

Educational Toys

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