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Sports and Math!

There's so much math when

it comes to sports!


Enjoy soccer?

There’s math in soccer.

Enjoy dance?

There’s math in dance.

Love golf?

There’s math in golf.

Playing Fall Ball?

There’s math in baseball.

Football this year?

There's math in football.

Cheerleading for your favorite team? There's math in cheerleading. 


Whatever your favorite sport or activity might be this year, we will help you celebrate it by finding,



 The Math?”

See details below or 
Contact Us: for more information

Enrichment Program!

Whether you are a struggler or a lover of math, this after school program is for you! Investigating interest based inquiries, playing games that require strategy, and creating our own mathematical activities, are all part of the fun! 

We are confident that we can help you and your child find the fun in math while experiencing the joy of the tasks provided in this program.


Games and tasks will be sent home so that the whole family can enjoy! 

For more information, see details below
or contact us at:


  • Meet once a week for FIVE consecutive weeks

  • Groups are separated by grade level band:  K-2, 3-5

  • No more than 10 children per group 

  • More than 10 in a group? Add another day of fun or an extra teacher!


  • $1,285 per grade level band for fall term! (Price may be adjusted with an increased enrollment)

  • REPEAT IN THE SPRING for $885 per grade level band! 

*Grade level band max per group is 10 children

Contact your school's PTA/PTO
about funding options. Contact us to share opportunities at the next PTA/PTO meeting.

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