Room 17’s WIN (What I Need) services have earned us the title of
“Best Math Tutor” in Milford, CT! Now partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA!

Room 17 offers private math virtual tutoring sessions (we like to call WIN)...through google meets, virtual manipulatives, and engaging tasks. Each WIN session is unique and carefully designed to both support and extend thinking. Our WIN teachers have advanced degrees in math education, which guarantees a successful learning experience!


WIN sessions are 30 minutes but can be combined for an hour as needed (see details below).

Opportunities for day or evening sessions available. Offering services in Grades 1-12.


We offer 3 WIN options:

Option 1: One 1/2 hour session a week @$30 a session for $120 a month with a certified teacher

Option 2: Two 1/2 hour sessions a week @ $25 a session ($50 a week) for $200 month (8 half hour sessions or can combine for  one hour long session a week) with a certified teacher.

Option 3: (We like to call WIN WIN!) Peer tutoring from a high school student who has met Room 17 criteria and undergone training

  • WIN WIN 1 hour session a week = $120 month

  • WIN WIN 2 hour sessions a week = $240 a month


Interested in more information before registering, please contact team@room17math.com with your specific questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours!