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Room 17 offers private math virtual and in-person tutoring sessions. Each session focuses on individually designed tasks & activities that are unique to your child's needs. Our design is engaging and encourages smiling while doing math. Room 17's teachers have advanced degrees in math education, and are well versed in grade level standards, which guarantees a successful learning experience! Our peer tutors (high school and college) are  highly confident in the subject area, teacher recommended, and Room 17 trained!


Opportunities for day or evening sessions available. Offering services in Grades 1-12. Excellent supplement for homeschool support and/or extensions!


We offer 4 WIN (What I Need) options: 

​​ Option 1 IN PERSON tutoring sessions with a CERTIFIED teacher​

  • 1 hour session a week= $300 a month 

Option 2  VIRTUAL tutoring sessions with a CERTIFIED teacher. 

  • 1 hour session a week= $270 a month 

The last 2 options we like to call WIN WIN! Peer tutoring from a teacher recommended HIGH SCHOOL or COLLEGE student who has met Room 17 criteria and undergone training. Middle and high school levels/courses available!

Option 3  IN PERSON peer tutoring​

  • WIN WIN 1 hour session a week = $210 a month

Option 4  VIRTUAL peer tutoring 

  • WIN WIN 1 hour session a week = $180 a month

Sessions may be broken into smaller increments if agreed upon by the teacher. This may be more suitable for early elementary children.


Use the "click here" button to register.

Questions? contact us at 





Room 17 Success!!
Room 17’s WIN (What I Need) services have earned us the title of
“Best Math Tutor” in Milford, CT! Now partnering with the Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA!
Room 17 Success!
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