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Monica Cavender

As a full-time professor of elementary mathematics, I can be a bit of a mathematics education fanatic! I am passionate about teaching elementary mathematics and am always inspired when sharing games with others to make math learning an opportunity for tons of smiles! I have a doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and have been teaching mathematics to all ages for the past 30 years. I am a true believer that everyone can learn to think mathematically. 

Sara Kaminski

Currently a middle school mathematics specialist but previously at the elementary level, my students often referred to me as “The Math Queen”! I am passionate about sharing my love for BOTH teaching and learning math. I have a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Psychology, a Master’s in Teaching Leadership focused on Mathematics, and a Sixth Year Degree in Educational Leadership (092 certification). I aim to instill my life long love for learning in both students AND adults. My goal is for EVERY student and adult to develop the habits of mind of a confident mathematician!

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