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Are you finding your students are struggling to learn basic facts and demonstrate fluency with larger numbers? Are YOU struggling with understanding strategies that develop computational fluency? Would you like to engage your students in meaningful and FUN activities, rather than drilling for memorization? Would you like your students to be able to explain their thinking and be flexible thinkers? 

As standards and curriculum change, it can be difficult to identify the most critical areas to focus, strategies to use, and expectations we should have for students. Room 17 aims to support teachers with specific workshop structures, strategies and games designed to build confidence and fluency in BOTH teachers and students. 


Our teacher workshops provide an opportunity for teachers to actually DO THE MATH and explore research based strategies designed to develop a DEEPER understanding of math. We design each session specifically to meet teacher/school needs. A customized approach will leave teachers  feeling equipped with strategies and activities to support students successfully. 

Our workshops may interest:

  • Specific grade level groups

  • Schools in need of Professional Development in the area of mathematics (public and parochial)

  • Parents of homeschoolers

  • Tutors

Success Goal Achievement Successful Comp

For information about dates and pricing, contact:

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