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Looking for a FUN way to “fit math in” this summer and prepare your child for the next school year? Interested in building your child’s fact fluency and confidence with problem solving? Hoping to find a tutor, program, or summer learning opportunity that fits your schedule?

Summer Brain Drain is a REAL thing! Children can lose MONTHS of learning, in just a few short weeks! But we know that in order to engage students over the summer, we need to make it FUN! Room 17 Summer Math Camp can give your child the tools they need to embrace a mathematical struggle and develop fluency with facts! Each session includes opportunities for students to engage in meaningful exploration and discourse around flexible strategies and unique problem solving activities. Sessions specifically focus on developing, practicing, and sustaining computational fluency. Our “roomies” also get individualized instruction focused on their specific needs, whether it be to challenge, sustain,  or support them, we’ve got it covered! Each week students leave with a Take Away Game that they can share with families, in hopes that the learning and fun can continue at home!


Check out Room 17 Summer Math Camp...Fluency Fun with Friends!


Our Summer Math Camp may interest parents of students who:

  • Need motivation to practice skills over the summer

  • Love math and are looking for an opportunity to continue problem solving over the summer

  • Need to strengthen fact fluency and flexibility

  • Need to work on explaining thinking and/or persevere in problem solving

For information about dates and pricing, contact:

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