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How can I help my child in math this year? Need something more than online programs, worksheets, and flashcards?Can I just show them "my way"? What are some other strategies that can help my child? How can I challenge and engage my child in mathematics? 

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The instruction in mathematics that is taking place today, might differ from your own experiences. As parents, you might feel confused, helpless, and a bit out of touch with the way math math may be taught. 


At Room 17 we know that  fact fluency is especially important. We have listened to parent comments that  view the teaching of basic facts as “basic” recall.  Many parents may drill or show flash cards of every fact until the child can say the answer correctly and quickly.  They just don't know any other way to help and we understand! The goal at Room 17 is to share strategies and activities that go deeper than recall and encourage flexible thinking!

Whether in person or virtual, our parent workshops provide an opportunity for parents to actually DO THE MATH and explore strategies designed to develop a DEEPER understanding of math. We design each session specifically to meet your needs. A customized approach will leave you feeling equipped with strategies and activities to support your child successfully. 

Our workshops may interest:

  • Small parent group

  • PTA parent workshops

  • Parents of  homeschoolers

  • Tutors, learning pod or micro-school facilitators

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