Welcome Future Novus+ Room 17 campers!


We know that in order to engage students over the summer, we need to make it FUN! 

Our Summer 2021 Virtual Camp Model includes fun games, week long problem solving tasks, and creative projects. Sessions specifically focus on sustaining and extending grade appropriate skills and strategies. Our “roomies” also have the opportunity to receive individualized instruction focused on their specific needs, whether it be to challenge, sustain, or support them... we’ve got it covered! 


NOVUS + Room 17 Summer Camp Options (Grades 3-6):

  • Option 1: FULL 5 Weeks/$200 (July 6th-August 5th) $100 savings

  • Option 2: Want NOVUS week(s) only? Choose Week to Week /$50 a week $25 a week savings

    • Roomies can access their sessions during their 2 assigned times...from Novus location, from home, or from vacation!

Each Week Includes:

  • Two: Grade Specific Virtual Group Learning Sessions that can be accessed while at Novus camp  

  • One : OPTIONAL Individualized Virtual WIN Session  

  • Printable Take Away Game (TAG)  of the Week

  • Engaging Problem Solving Task

  • Student creation of a FUN project demonstrating their understanding of the focus of the week (Ex/snap photos of real-life examples, create a video, make a song..etc)

  • Digital Student Portfolio of projects, recorded sessions, and TAG games that can be shared with parents


Our model allows families flexibility for travel, to participate in other summer camps...etc. since all materials and learning opportunities can be accessed virtually. If a session is missed,  roomies can access materials via our google classroom/website and we can even find time on a WIN Wednesday to "catch them up".


Once registered for Novus, proceed to register for Room 17 Summer Camp here.

Visit Novus to learn more and register!