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Exercise your body and brain by joining in

Room 17’s Milford Math Walk Challenge! 

We are super excited to KICK OFF our 5th annual Sidewalk Math Challenge with a Milford School Wide Math Challenge! Room 17 and Milford Public Schools are working together to create a FUN and CHALLENGING opportunity for all students to get outside and explore open ended math tasks with their peers! Together we aim to spark curiosity, engage students in multiple perspectives, and work together using their strong mathematical senses to find different solutions to the tasks provided! 


June 3rd in schools and June 8th in our community!


A Math Walk is a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy the warm weather, and engage in fun mathematics for ALL ages! 

Once you find a challenge, here is what you can do:

  • Share selfie and/or a solution on social media @Room17Math on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram

  • Use these hashtags:

    • #Room17Math​

    • #MilfordMathWalkChallenge


Screenshot 2023-04-22 12.52.30 PM.png

Samples from Last Year...

math walk 3.jpg
math walk 1.jpg

Interested in volunteering to help write math problems at designated locations? Click HERE for details!

FUN opportunity to earn community service hours! 
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