Is your school or PTA/PTO or home-school community looking for a FUN and engaging opportunity for families to come together and ENJOY learning? Interested in building a stronger home/school connection? Are you looking to support fluency ? Interested in learning FUN new activities that can be used at both home and school?

Room 17 Family Math Night (both VIRTUAL and when applicable, in person) provides a unique opportunity for families to have fun together engaging in exploration of math all around them, thinking flexibly, and boosting  fluency. Through playing games, opportunities naturally arise to share strategies and how to come up with an answer.  


Our Family Math Nights provide an opportunities for parents, and students (and even teachers!)  to explore games designed to practice, develop, and support fact fluency. We design each Family Math Night specifically to meet school/family needs. Whether it be in person or virtual, Room 17 will provide all of the materials and participants will leave with Take Away Games of their choice! A customized approach will leave your learning community feeling excited about mathematics and also inspired to try the activities at home.  


Our Family Math Nights may interest:

  • PTA/PTO’s

  • TV Turn Off Week

  • Homeschool, Learning Pod, and Microschool Communities

  • Public and Parochial School

Playing Cards

For information about dates and pricing, contact: