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Our goal is to meet the needs of the families in our community and sustain the LOVE of mathematics! Together, with our community, we can make this happen! We have partnered with several generous businesses and community members to offer full and partial aid to roomies in need.  

Interested in supporting Room 17's mission?   Click the button below to donate!
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Provides math tools for 4 roomies!


Provides a FREE week for a roomie!


Provides 2 weeks of individualized sessions for a roomie

Monthly Donor Levels


Provides a full month of individualized sessions for a roomie!


Provides a roomie with a virtual summer math camp experience!

Or One time Donations...

Room 17's choice! Use this donation to support the mission as needed. The mission being to spread the joy of mathematics through engaging experiences.

A big thank you to ouR Sponsors for supporting our mission of creating a community of young mathematicians who love math and see it all around them!

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Rusty Oxer, Inc.


And thank you to ouR donors for sustaining the love for mathematics and giving children the opportunity to receive tutoring services!

Andrew Rutledge

Brooke Caponegro

David Shimchick


Interested in more information before becoming a donor?  Please contact

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