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What Room 17 Has To Offer!



What Makes Us

We are professional educators with advanced degrees in math education and over 40 years combined experience.

We use activities that focus on deepening the
understanding of mathematical concepts.

We have options to meet weekly or bi-weekly with individual students, Grades 1-6. 

We provide off-screen activities to do with
family and friends!

FREE COOKIES! We work with local bakeries
so students can get a free cookie for
outstanding progress!

Engaged 30-minute virtual experiences
that include lots of opportunity for students to
share their own thinking!

Provide frequent swag bags filled with math tools and games.

Eloise, Grade 5

"It’s fun and I’m learning new strategies to solve problems, it was a lot more fun than I thought math camp would be!” 

Megan, Parent

"It’s so nice to have this camp for my daughter to brush up on her math skills right before school, it will give her the confidence to successfully start 5th grade. Would do this again next year!”

Denise, Parent

"Love this place. Alexa has so much fun! We are so sad it is ending on Thursday.”

Dalton, Grade 5

"Room 17 refreshed my brain so I feel ready for 5th grade”

Alexa, Grade 5

"They make learning fun by using games and when we solved problems they brought in the actual things for us to touch!” 

Sophia, Grade 5

"I really like the comfy place to learn in.."

Nina, Grade 3
I liked being at Room 17 Math Camp and working with the tools and learning new games.
Abby, Grade 3
I wish it was longer because I would like to do more math problems and more time to show my thinking on my white board. 
Maddie, Grade 3
I think I got 5 times better at math! I'm totally coming back next year!
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